Adjusting to Sleep Apnea Therapy

While some people adapt to sleep apnea therapy very quickly, many people find that getting used to sleeping with a mask and device takes time. Just like wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses for the first time, there can be an adjustment period.


A few things to consider as you adjust to sleep apnea therapy:

  • Your sleep habits
  • If you read in bed
  • Whether or not you have allergies
  • Reaching out to family and friends for support

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Keep talking to your doctor

Adjusting to any therapy is just that – an adjustment. Stay in touch with your doctor or equipment provider to find the right therapy for you. There are many different adjustments that can be made to make your treatment work for you.

  • It's like getting a new pair of shoes – you probably need to try a few different sizes and styles before you find what feels right for you.
  • Don’t settle. Keep asking questions until you're comfortable.

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